Main Info

Akurle is my main OC. (AY-curly) She appears in almost every roleplay but no stories. She is currently included in 2 roleplays: and

Akurle is a good fighter and is quite strong. She isn't too fast, but being a wolf, she can run for long distances. She has been through many tough situations and can withstand a lot of pain. Most roleplays she has been included effects her life for future stories and other RP's. They majorly effect roleplay sequels, of course, but have minor effects on other unrelated RP's.

Akurle's only power is the power of transformation, or shapeshifting. She has certain forms she can turn into, so she can only change into those forms. Each form has different powers, different looks, and some are faster or stronger than others. Every transformation drains a lot of Akurles energy, so if she changes forms too many times she will pass out. She also has the power to create new forms with a magical sketch pad, and if she creates a new form it will effect all other roleplays. She rarely creates new forms and currently has 7 different forms. Their properties and backstories will be created on a different page.

Akurle also has a sister named Nkurle, a black arctic wolf with amagenta tophat and red glowing eyes. I do not own the character, but my real sister, however, does.

1 akurle form

All seven forms


Akurle is kind and trusting. She will give her own life for her friends if she has to. She is very trusting and makes friends quickly, but this can also be a weakness. Several times she trusted the wrong people and they betrayed her. When it comes to protecting family and friends, Akurle is very brave. Her greatest fear is having to fight her own sister or long-time friends, such as BlackDragonKid. (I do not own Blackdragonkid) Also, Akurle has a fear of milk. This is triggered by the fact that Akurle is lactose intolerant.


Akurle is an arctic wolf with a white body and tailtip, and bright blue neck fur and tail. She has purple swirls along her whole body and white eyes with a black pupil. She wears a white and blue spiked collar and bracelet. She also wears a white tail feather, a navy blue fox hat, and a black worn. Her worn may have been a normal blanket at once, but it has been torn up from her many battles.


Akurle does not have any backstory, besides the fact that she has a sister, Nkurle. Her several forms have backstories, though, which will be explained on another page.


There is an awful lot of art with Akurle in it, so I will only post a few pictures.
  • her dragon form
  • her toxic form
  • frost form
  • darkness form
  • python form